Community is ill-prepared should disaster strike

A list of those leaders who have been negligent in their care for this community would be long and include those in politics, business and banking, religion and Hawaiian affairs.

Were we to be struck by a devastating wave, the following could occur (some of which would be due to lack of imagination and planning): the harbor would be destroyed, the airport would become inoperable, the waste treatment plant would be shut down, production of electricity would stop, gasoline storage tanks might spew their contents onto the street and many people might find their safe deposit boxes less secure than imagined. All of these things would occur because of their placement in or near flood zones.

The island also has food and energy for two to three weeks, no facilities Upcountry for residents, thousands of tourists in shoreline hotels and no predictable or practical way to evacuate the injured.

Just as an invading army can outrun its support and supplies, a growth-obsessed community can extend itself beyond the safe limits of foundation, support and safety.

Raphael O’Suna