Democratic primary is one of critical importance

Hawaii is at a historic crossroad in her young life. A state only 55 years old, Hawaii’s voters will make a decision in the 2014 August primary electing leadership for the near future.

With Hawaii being a virtual one-party state, the Democratic primary is the only one of interest or importance.

First, the race for governor: Incumbent Neil Abercrombie or challenger David Ige?

Second, the race for U.S. Senate: Incumbent Brian Schatz or challenger Colleen Hanabusa?

Third, the race for lieutenant governor: Incumbent Shan Tsutsui or challenger Clayton Hee?

All six are political heavyweights, and when the dust of the primary settles we could have a whole new group of leaders.

This primary is, at the same time, a referendum on the late Sen. Daniel Inouye’s legacy in Hawaii as well as a referendum on President Barack Obama’s string-pulling from Washington, D.C.

Let’s all register to vote, make an informed choice and get out and vote in the August primary.

Mark Kanae Smith