Easter egg hunt in Kula not a pleasant experience

After attending the Easter egg hunt in Kula, I sent an email to the sponsoring organization, which went unanswered. I decided to look it up on Facebook and leave my message in its inbox. Within minutes of me sending the message, instead of giving me a sincere apology, I received a response that left me quite offended.

I began to feel sorry for my children and other children who attended the Easter egg hunt. Not only were the parents rushed to participate in the activities provided, there were more children than there were eggs provided for the Easter egg hunt. Many children left with either no eggs or a few eggs. I feel that an event that is provided to the community should be a time to enjoy, not to be shortchanged.

I regret to inform everyone that due to the organization’s lack of aloha, the event was a flaw. If the organization cannot treat its patrons with dignity and respect, then it sure as heck should not be working with children.

My family enjoys going to events that the community puts out, but what I witnessed terrifies me in how I might get treated in the future attending one of these events.

Furthermore, to my understanding the funds that were generated from this event supposedly were for St. Jude. If this was supposed to go toward a good cause, this event should have been better planned, not to mention the treatment of the parents and children who attended.

Ruby Leah Versola