Future looking bright for public trails on Maui

Maui had much to celebrate this National Trails Day on June 7.

Public Access Trails Hawaii-Maui won a precedent-setting reiteration of the Hawaii Highways Act of 1860 that preserved public access trails in perpetuity, keeping Haleakala Trail open for all.

In Kihei, Hoaloha Aina continues to construct the coastal trail mapped by Na Ala Hele, and a new trail is proposed up Kulanihakoi stream under Piilani Highway as a safe route to the new high school.

Nationwide, for the first time, auto ownership has declined as more people choose healthier more sustainable transportation and recreation options.

My vision is of an interconnected trail system utilizing our open space resources to create a walkable, livable community. If this inspires you, walk or volunteer at your neighborhood trail. We can walk back to the future.

Joe Bertram III