Give the VA credit for doing good things, too

A June 18 letter prompted me to write a letter I have been carrying around in my head, too shy or too lazy to write.

Having recently returned to the islands after a long absence, I was helping my 82-year-old husband (a veteran of 30 years) to get registered at the VA. I got through on my first call and was offered an appointment in two weeks. We went to our appointment and went right in without having to wait. We spent an hour getting to know the doctor, the system, etc.

We could not have been treated more kindly or with more caring.

I realize this cannot be compared to emergency care, but the VA is doing a lot of good things, too.

This is not to say all is right with the world, but all is not wrong with the world either.

It is great to be back.

Barbara Koizumi