Growth of urban sprawl on Maui at alarming level

I will not vote for any Maui County candidate in 2014 unless he or she supports a 10-year no-new-building ordinance.

The growth of urban sprawl on Maui has reached the level of alarming. I moved here 21 years ago and have witnessed the steady erosion of the land ever since.

Over the past two decades, many rational voices have called for just such a building ban, but every time they have been shouted down by the developers’ own peanut gallery.

I guess I am like all the other nuts on Maui, calling for a ban on building, but this is no longer a laughing matter.

Do you really think Maui can support all the new commercial developments being built now, and the hundreds more coming along after?

The ruling class has been entrenched on Maui for over 150 years. The Democratic revolution never reached our sandy shores. It is legend that no project of Alexander & Baldwin has ever been denied.

Who can I vote for?

Mark Kanae Smith