Homeless creating a bad situation in South Maui

Driving to different locations on South Kihei Road to do my shopping I’ve noticed a lot of new homeless faces combined with the old homeless faces to turn South Maui into a dangerous dumping ground.

Do our Maui officials understand the health and safety risks to our unsuspecting visitors, renters, homeowners?

Where are they going to the bathroom? You may be walking barefoot on it.

The aisles in the food stores are roamed by the homeless stealing, touching food with very unclean hands. In one of the stores I witnessed a man with sores all over his legs and feet, use his fingers to scoop food. I told him to stop and he said, “Shut up, b—-.”

So, when are our officials going to man up and give us back our streets?

Is it Maui no ka oi or Maui no ka oy vey?

Hedy Klein