Maui has worse problems than the Kahului Airport

In response to a May 20 about how bad the Kahului Airport is: How long has the letter writer lived here? I know actors look through rose-colored glasses sometimes.

We used to have to look where we sat under that big old tree to make sure the birds above us didn’t poop on us. I would say today’s airport is a lot better.

Granted, it gave us that “Hooterville” touch, but it was really all the state could afford at the time. Once the money is finally granted, it has to go through a lot of hands. With skimming and redirecting it, it’s amazing we even see any money.

Then there’s the millions of other things wrong with Maui: No bathrooms at beach parks or no maintained bathrooms at beach parks; no good parks and facilities in general; no lifeguards on duty where needed; educational materials to stop teachers from having to spend their own money for things their classes need.

So, be real. Our airport is fine for who we are.

Helen Alipio