Mayoral candidate is aiming to create Mauitopia

As a candidate for mayor I have a big old/new vision for Maui: To create Mauitopia. Old because the idea of utopia surfaced a few hundred years ago. New because no large community has ever implemented it.

By definition, utopia means “no place.” The aloha spirit combined with our natural beauty makes Maui so unique and so powerful, why don’t we give it a shot? I hope Pele approves.

You can read about my ideas at Please note that I’ve recently decided to support the moratorium on genetic engineering on Maui until we learn to do it safely.

I know it won’t be easy to create Mauitopia. Neither was landing a man on the moon. With perseverance and a belief in the vision, we can do it. We can make Maui a real paradise. Maui truly no ka oi.

Thank you for believing in this dream becoming a reality and for your vote in the primary election on Aug. 9.

Speaking of new, as a former Silicon Valley executive I have not accepted any donations and, once elected, I will not owe anyone anything. Are you ready to try something wholly new?

Ori Kopelman