New MPD chief needs to be in tune with community

I’ve been a critic of the Maui Police Department’s management, which should be evident by my many letters to The Maui News over the past years. Our current chief of police has been on record as saying he doesn’t pay any attention to what the public says about the force.

I’m conflicted by the fact that we have some really great people in those uniforms, and all they need is the proper guidance from above to remind them whom they work for.

The grapevine tells me that they are doing a superb job on the Charli Scott case, and that’s enough for me to start to restore my faith.

The next step would be to give us a new chief who is in tune with the community and cares about community relations, and is backed up by a commission that is here for the people and not to serve a mayor who wears blinders.

God bless our MPD and may it be lead by a real leader.

Jimmy Muschietti