No lack of competitive races for council seats

What island is The Maui News living on when it says there are only a few competitive races for County Council (June 4).

In West Maui, Elle Cochran is considered vulnerable and will literally be given a run for her money by young, personable, well-educated Ka’ala Buenconsejo, who hopes to put his Hawaiian values to work on the council.

Though it may smack of prejudice, Rick Nava is running for the same seat, relying on his ethnic background to garner votes. Being Filipino, Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Puerto Rican is not a qualification for office.

Unfortunately, there are too few informed voters with many choosing on the basis of ethnicity or a familiar name.

The impressive, well-educated Joe Blackburn has an uphill fight against baseball father Mike Victorino.

Mike White, with strong management skills and who refreshingly fights for good government and sometimes against the status quo, is challenged by Mike Molina, whose major qualification appears to be he served multiple terms on the council (definitely not a qualification). Same for Joe Pontanilla.

The Maui News is not helping much on an island that has many issues by having no current affairs column. And editorials you will find support Maui Chamber of Commerce and business views and place little emphasis on respecting the land and keeping paradise paradise.

Let’s hope smart, well-educated, well-qualified candidates win. We are fortunate we have quite a few newcomers to politics running this year.

Norm Bezane