Protection from evils is not legislating morality

A June 2 letter writer argues that governments have a history of legislating morality. The writer seems to be confused about what the proper role of government is. Protection from murder, rape, theft and robbery are universal goals of all people from every society on Earth. Even thieves don’t want to be stolen from, murderers don’t want to be killed and rapists don’t want to be raped. Protection from these evils are a legitimate function of government and consistent with the principles of limited government.

The author also seems to be confused about the history of segregation and slavery in America. These are also examples of government legislating morality, since it was the government that demanded and legislated that blacks were not to use the same restrooms as whites. Businesses were forbidden by law from treating people equally.

Today, we still have people who think that they know how to create the perfect moral society, and these social engineers are using the force of government to impose their vision of morality on the rest of us. They are, of course, destined to fail, as are all people who fight progress and end up being on the wrong side of history. No, society will not fall apart if gay people get married, marijuana is legalized or black people are allowed to own businesses and vote. Life goes on, and the moral panic induced by hysterical citizens eventually subsides.

Bronson Kaahui