Republicans perpetrating real voter fraud

A short time ago, I posted a couple of letters saying that so-called impersonation voter fraud was not happening. The proven percentage of impersonation voter fraud is .002 percent. I got a lot of flack, even from a high-end person at The Maui News, who claims that voter fraud is rampant.

Recently, Robert D. Monroe of Wisconsin was arrested for impersonation voter fraud, which is a felony. He happens to be a Republican, but let’s pretend he was a Democrat and make everyone happy. What he had to go through to falsely make about a dozen votes in more than one state could in no way alter the outcome of the elections.

It is clear bias to say that Democrats are heavily involved in voter fraud. When Democrat districts have far fewer voting stations than Republican districts, creating long lines, and some red states advocate shutting down all public toilets in Democrat districts – that is voter fraud and a felony.

I voted as a Republican for Dwight D. Eisenhower, our greatest modern-day president. I voted for Ronald Reagan his first term then found his trickle-down economy, the precursor of our current failing economy, would take us where we are today, where a relatively few people run the country. A very bad one would be Bill Clinton who signed a bill that made funneling all the money to the rich possible. The worst of all our institutions is the Supreme Court, which has five anti-American votes.

Pippo Schillaci