Russia in no way poses a threat to Americans

In response to a June 2 letter: In what way, shape or form does Russia’s actions on the other side of the world threaten my safety or my rights?

Has Russia threatened to attack America? Has Russia surrounded the United States with nuclear weapons and a nuclear defense shield? Does it have bases all along the Mexican-American and Canadian-American borders? Does Russia routinely threaten and invade our immediate neighbors in the Americas? How many nations has Russia invaded and bombed in the last decade compared to America?

Russia is not a threat to Americans. Russia is a threat to the American foreign policy establishment and its desire for control of the globe.

In case anyone forgot, Ukraine’s democratically elected government was overthrown in a coup. If part of the country doesn’t want to submit to an illegal, undemocratic and unelected government, that is its right.

In any case, it is certainly no business of the United States to get involved. Besides, where is the money going to come from? You want to borrow money from China to fight another Cold War with Russia? Suppose they don’t want to finance this ridiculous operation, then what?

Bronson Kaahui