State is failing to maintain historical trail

My son and I are avid hikers. Recently I left two messages with the Maui state Department of Land and Natural Resources office requesting information about hiking to Eke Crater. Nobody returned my calls.

Well, we made that tough hike only to be dismayed by the ATV tracks which were evidence that signage was ignored, even into the fenced areas.

This historical trail is extremely difficult to navigate. It was grueling. People who are trying to open up the Haleakala Trail should try Eke Trail. The first is a stroll through pastures.

Why is the state allowing ATVs and dirt bikes into this pristine wilderness and not maintaining the trail? It took five hours to walk up, and three and a half to get down, because the trail is in such a poor state.

Please step up the enforcement regarding motorized vehicles, which are clearly in violation of the signage. Get hiking, and help bring this trail back into reasonable shape.

I am 58 years old and I made it. My son is 30 and handicapped. He made it, too.

Happy trails, Hawaii.

Kathleen Platt