Sustainability needs to be a priority for Maui

Sustainability. That is the first component which must be addressed whenever some project, development or item is being considered in Maui County. We cannot continue to pollute the air by burning potentially poisonous plastics.

Nor can we subject our aina to a continual onslaught of who knows what chemicals which poison the land, eventually finding their way into our water aquifers and running off into the ocean. Injection wells, which should have been retired years ago, have finally been shown to damage our reefs.

We cannot continually be held hostage by the same old mantra and shibboleth “but we need the jobs.” We must explore other avenues to diversify our economy and create a harmonious balance between the needs of the aina, the wants of the residents and the desires of the visitors.

We must preserve Maui’s rural character and agricultural lands. We must preserve unlimited access to Maui’s beaches and shorelines.

We must protect Maui’s quality of life, the health and safety of the community and our fragile ecosystem and environment.

We must promote residential curbside recycling. We must promote stream restoration. We must continue promoting renewable energy.

Our homeless population has to be treated humanely and fairly; they are members of our community.

A holistic approach is required. These are but a few of the issues for Maui nei. We cannot just claim we live in the most beautiful place in the world and that Maui is no ka oi and everything will be all right.