Tariffs approved for Maui Electric Co. make no sense

The sales decoupling tariffs approved for Maui Electric Co. by the Public Utilities Commission (The Maui News, June 3) are wrong. That they apply only to nonsolar customers makes no sense.

As readers of “Letters” know, we have a solar photovoltaic system and we pay $18 per month to MECO for our grid-tie system. We would not balk if this fee increased by $5 per month (the average increase to be seen by nonsolar customers) to help pay our share for grid-stabilizing/grid storage systems which are required for Maui’s increasing reliance on renewable/variable resources. But it also seems that large projects such as solar farms and wind farms should be required to help offset the bulk of such capital expenditures as a requirement for their approval.

MECO, Hawaiian Electric Co. and the PUC: Start playing fair. Don’t foster an adversarial atmosphere within our community. Don’t foment discord by your policies. And large renewable energy concerns: Step up to the plate and pay your share.

Charlie and Linda Chandler