Time for a state senator who works for the people

Aug. 9 is the date of the primary election. If you are not registered to vote, this would be a good time to do so.

The citizens of South and West Maui have a real choice for their state senator. The incumbent is Roz Baker. Challenging her is Terez Amato. Amato says, “Maui deserves a senator who is working for the people, not for the corporations and lobbyists who have hijacked our political system. I will never take money from corporations or lobbyists. The people of Maui will always be assured that I am working for them, not for special interests. Maui is not for sale – Hawaii does not belong to corporations. Our government must always serve the people, not the agenda of lobbyists.”

This is the time to get out and vote for our future. No matter how you wish to vote, please vote.

Stephen Rodgers