Voter registration form falls short on privacy

Interesting scenario to consider: Sent in my voter registration application form recently to the Office of the County Clerk and purposely left off my Social Security and phone number because the application had no envelope to return it in and anybody checking could turn over the card and get both numbers since they were both in plain sight.

On June 19, I got a letter from the Elections Division of the county clerk and it wanted my Social Security number before it could process the application, and if there were any questions to call number such and such.

So, I called and wanted to speak with the county clerk or the deputy county clerk or the next senior person in line. All were out of the office. This was at 2 p.m.

I just wanted to suggest that from now on maybe include an envelope so that Social Security and phone numbers would not be available to prying eyes. No such luck.

Guess I’ll just bite the bullet and use snail mail and send in the application. Cheaper than driving to the clerk’s office in Kahului and back to Kihei.

Stephen D. Murray