Workable solution needed for Maui’s energy future

It would be nice to know Maui Electric Co.’s grid energy storage plans.

A simple search of Wikipedia (“grid energy storage”) turned up a number of solutions, including flywheel storage. This technology is very fast in stabilizing the grid and has a good track record in several installations on the East Coast. A new, 20-megawatt flywheel plant built by Beacon Power in Hazle Township, Pa., went on line in September 2013 and will have full capacity this summer.

Lithium-ion battery technology is also being tested at the Tehachapi wind farm in California under a demonstration project grant.

A cessation of talk regarding “haves” and “have-nots” which has surrounded the issue of renewable energy on Maui would be appreciated.

The “Revenue Balancing Account adjustment” by MECO should be scrapped, period. It is not justifiable. After all, horse-and-buggy operators were not able to charge more when the automobile came on the scene at the turn of the last century.

Instead, let’s find a workable solution for Maui’s energy future, which already includes variable energy production sources. Maui needs an upgrade to the grid to accommodate these nonfossil fuel sources.

Charles and Linda Chandler