Yes to free enterprise and no to more taxation

A June 14 letter regarding Congress passing the Market Fairness Act is a little bit misleading and a lot self-serving from my view.

Misleading when she intimates that her tourist shopping center pays for law and fire protection and other government services while online and catalog companies don’t. Does she have any evidence that the online retailers are using any of our services at any time? Using her logic, should we tax the other states just because we need the money?

The self-serving comes from the letter writer evidently feeling that her merchants will be better able to compete if those online have to pay taxes without representation or the ability to use the government services. The problem is that many of her merchants have only competition from other merchants on the island who have lower prices, and merchants that may have some off-island competition still will be completely out of the market competitively if there was Hawaii tax charged.

Perhaps she should spend some time campaigning for politicians who want to spend less and want to get us out of debt, which in turn could lower our taxes. Or maybe she can help politicians get elected who will pass a law stating that all merchants shall charge the same for all services and merchandise her center purchases, thereby saving her a lot of time getting the lowest bids available for the services and merchandise they buy.

Free enterprise is a good thing. More taxes are not.

L. David Taylor