Aloha Heritage Center would be good for Maui

A few people living Upcountry near the Longs shopping center object to Grace Church building what’s called the Aloha Heritage Center next to the shopping center. They compare the Aloha Heritage Center to Disney’s Epcot Center in Florida. They say there are museums here that serve the purpose of educating people about Maui history, so there’s no need.

I’ve belonged to Grace Church all my life. The word for Grace Church is pono. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. What it plans will be doing nothing but good for the people of Maui.

Comparing the Aloha Heritage Center to Disney’s Epcot Center is outlandish. Calling it a theme park is like calling the Pukalani Superette a megamall. It will not be a theme park nor a museum – the museums of Hawaii are all excellent.

Saying it duplicates other places on Maui is just plain wrong. There is nothing in Hawaii like what will be the Aloha Heritage Center. That’s why it’s needed.

Groups and individuals on Hawaii have long applauded the concept of a center that will, among many other things, extoll the incredible feats of intellect and outright heroism on the part of Hawaiians that few even know about.

This will be a place for locals and visitors alike to learn things about Hawaiians that will astonish them, and for Hawaiians to come to know better the kanaka maoli who came before them.

It is worthy.

Amber Nele Blackwelder