Candidate’s team adheres to roadside guidelines

I hope the writer of the letter on July 6 titled “Road sign wavers can pose risk to motorists” knows about the county’s guidelines for safe sign waving. The ordinance (number 1870 passed as bill number 98 in 1989) requires a person or sign to be, for example, a distance of 20 feet from a pedestrian crosswalk and 6 feet from the edge of the pavement.

While I can’t speak for other campaigns, the workers for my independent campaign for mayor adhere to these guidelines even when honks excite them.

On July 7, we had a record of 148 honks plus dozens of hand waves in a two-hour period. Thanks again to the aloha displayed by motorists, and I hope drivers still keep their eyes on the road and appreciate but do not get distracted by sign wavers, beautiful sunsets or even rainbows.

I’ve decided to not accept any donations and, therefore, not owe anybody any “favas.” Politics has a reputation of being dirty and I want to eliminate any possibility of money having influence. I plan to make decisions in a rational and wise manner for our community.

I’m promoting a vision of creating Mauitopia, or a first-of-its-kind ideal society. Read more about it for free at

As a former Silicon Valley executive, I will start my political career by insisting on a new, clean politics where we all follow the rules. Mahalo for your vote on Aug. 9.

Ori Kopelman