Cartoon regarding school shootings based on lies

In response to the heartbreaking cartoon (The Maui News, June 19) depicting a little kid at his school desk with his head in his hands and a chalkboard behind him with the words “74 School Shootings in 18 Months”: While it is a powerful message, it is totally inaccurate and The Maui News is neglecting any journalistic integrity by publishing this propaganda.

It is surprising to see because anyone with a computer can research these lies put out by Michael Bloomberg’s gun control mob and find out that only 15 were school shootings. A horrible number indeed, but a long way from 74.

It seems that if gun control advocates get their way they would take away every gun, disarming law-abiding gun owners while leaving them in the hands of criminals, drug cartels, religious sects, Muslim extremists, rebel groups and rogue and big governments.

Most pro-Second Amendment folks would support every decent citizen’s right to carry a concealed weapon, especially a few trained teachers at every school, to be used to defend the helpless from crazed shooters until authorities arrive, which is often too late. Teachers could store their weapons in small safes locked in the classroom or carry concealed with adequate safety measures.

This is the same logic as armed guards at banks, armored cars, armed police, armed Secret Service for the president and his family, armed bodyguards for celebrities – such as the rich and famous Bloomberg, etc. Why don’t our kids deserve the same protection?

Valerie Sisneros