Council member’s claims create misperceptions

Contrary to claims made by Council Member Don Guzman that I filed a complaint against him with the Ethics Commission for “political retaliatory reasons” and that he did not notarize Neldon Mamaud’s nomination papers (The Maui News, July 13), I must correct any misperceptions the public may have regarding this ongoing, fact-finding investigation the Ethics Commission may be making on my complaint.

First of all, I did not know it was Guzman who filed a complaint against me two years ago with the Campaign Spending Commission until I read it in the July 13 Maui News. Corrections were made on my report and accepted by the commission with no consequences.

To claim that he did not notarize Mamaud’s nomination papers is not true as County Clerk Danny Mateo stated that Guzman did. For further evidence, one only need to review the complaint of Mateo v. Mamaud, Civ. No. 14-1-0376 (2) filed June 19, 2014, and look at Exhibit 1 of this complaint. Guzman clearly signed Mamaud’s nomination papers.

Yes, it was incomplete and clearly violated the rules governing notary publics as can be found in Hawaii Revised Statute Title 5, Chapter 11, but he did notarize it.

To claim that it is a waste of county monies to investigate the complaint I filed as being “frivolous,” it is far more important to know that people who run for elected office are honest and can be trusted with how the people’s business is conducted. Guzman should know better, he is an attorney.

Alan Fukuyama