County needs new, more responsive administration

The Maui Island Plan adopted on Dec. 28, 2012, provides direction for future growth of the economy, and social and environmental decisions on the island through 2030.

The Maui Island Plan establishes a vision founded on core values that break down into goals, objectives, policies and actions.

One of the implementing actions of the Solid Waste section of the Infrastructure Chapter is to “Identify and develop a recycling/redemption facility at an appropriate location in West Maui.” This action item had been accomplished with recycling/redemption facilities in Lahaina town and in Napili until recently, when both recycling components got shut down.

Now, West Maui residents need to drive to Olowalu if they want to recycle, and the administration wants to shut this option down an hour earlier because it did not receive 0.9 percent of what it asked for (The Maui News, June 24).

Another action item is to “Develop public outreach/education/incentive programs to increase awareness to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Shutting down recycling facilities in West Maui is having the opposite effect on our objectives and policies regarding solid waste infrastructure.

It makes me think this administration is on the wrong track and not taking the community input gathered during the general plan and Maui Island Plan process seriously.

We need an administration that is more responsive to community wants and needs, and so I humbly ask for your vote Aug. 9. Paltin for mayor – collaboration, solutions, change.

Tamara Paltin