Department of Finance cannot restrict permits

This is in response to a July 10 letter to the editor.

The Department of Finance does not have the authority to restrict building permits based upon unpaid property taxes. The accusations in the letter that the Finance Department somehow brokered a sweetheart deal for developers is ignorant at best and at worst is a thinly veiled political attack, aimed at the mayor less than a month before the primary election.

Our finance director will answer any questions the write might have if she really wants to set the record straight.

Also, the mayor was never a “paid” consultant for the Maui Medical Plaza group. They sought his advice on the project during his first term as mayor, continued to talk to him when he was out of office and still do. To this day the mayor has never received a paycheck for his consultation.

The example that I gave in my Viewpoint (July 4) about Maui Tomorrow not handing in their 990s for three years and being taken to task for it by the attorney general’s office was not an “attack.” I was pointing out that government works with people all the time to help them come into compliance, as the county is with the developer of the Maui Medical Plaza project, and as the AG’s office did with Maui Tomorrow.

Rod Antone

Maui County

Communications Director