Development would finish off struggling wetland

I request that the Maui Planning Commission have a public hearing about the proposed Medical Plaza at Kanaha and I urge them to deny a renewal of the SMA permit the developers have applied for.

The public was never included in any of the plans that the commission approved, with the mayor’s backing.

Kanaha Pond is an important but struggling remnant of wetland, and this development would finish it off.

The finances of this project are in shambles. It has been given, with the mayor’s recommendation, inappropriately favorable financial terms not granted to any other project.

This development has been opposed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, by Hawaii’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife, and by the county Planning Department.

In spite of these strong and valid objections, the planning commission granted the orginial SMA permit.

This project should be open to public scrutiny.

William Merwin