Don’t allow events that disrupt residents’ sleep

Thanks to the Maui County Council members for their service. Kahului-Wailuku residents need their help. It is June 29 at 1 a.m. as I write this, having been awakened by music and announcements from the Relay For Life at War Memorial Complex.

I called the police and they said the event had a permit, so police are powerless to stop the noise. This has to end now and forever. County authorities cannot OK a permit that allows what is clearly unacceptable and unlawful. Depriving citizens of a night’s sleep is not up for debate or discussion.

A similar scenario happened at the Waikiki Shell on Oahu. Neighbors chronically complained of loud noise late at night and, finally, late-night shows were banned. There was no other solution. That was the correct thing to do there and is the correct thing to do here.

As I write this, the volume of music just increased, with distinctly loud drumming. I live a mile away from the complex. Hundreds of residences are closer to the complex than mine, so undoubtedly their sleep is being disrupted.

This must stop.

I expect an answer to this letter saying what council members intend to do to ensure citizens in this county cannot be deprived of sleep because of any event, whatever the reason for that event, wherever it takes place.

Jerome Kellner