Don’t forget Baker’s failure to support hospital

Roz Baker is running again to represent South Maui.

Do you remember she did not support a new state-of-the-art hospital for Maui?

Do you remember that hospital was fully funded with no taxpayer expense?

Do you remember that hospital would have been a magnet for new doctors on Maui?

Do you recognize the outstanding doctors we have are retiring and cannot find replacements?

Do you realize that one of Maui’s best and most dedicated doctors gave all he had to get a top notch hospital for Maui only to be turned down by Roz Baker?

If Roz Baker supported a fully funded hospital for Maui, it would be here, functioning today.

She did not support the best interests of Maui residents.

Roz Baker represents herself and her self-interests.

Why vote for a person who puts her political agenda above the best interests of Maui residents?

Dave Parrish