Full-time residents real victims of housing costs

Long-term rentals for people who live on the island are at an all-time premium, one with a typical two-bedroom, one-bath going for $1,500 per month. Imagine the article (The Maui News, July 20) talking about the hardships of vacation rental owners that are having competition from unpermitted units without mentioning the real victims, people who work and live here full time.

Shame on The Maui News for being a spokesperson for the Vacation Rentals Association. The reality is that even 100, 200, 400 vacation rentals are pushing up the cost of long-term housing. But don’t worry, people, once the nonstop flights are here from Hong Kong and London, real estate will be so expensive, we will all be living with each other. So we better get to know one another now.

Christina Hemming