Hanabusa should run on her own merits, not a myth

The writer (Letters, July 14) who questioned the decision of appointing Brian Schatz to the Senate after the passing of our beloved Sen. Inouye might want to do a bit more homework.

Stating he was someone no one had ever even heard of until his appointment by the governor, Schatz was the legally elected lieutenant governor of the State of Hawaii. He wasn’t someone just pulled out of a hat. Regardless of our political alliances or wishes, Sen. Daniel Inouye could only express an opinion or desire. The office of senator is not something that can be legally passed or willed to anyone. He knew that. A 9th-grade civics student knows that.

I appreciate his belief in Colleen Hanabusa but the office was not his to pass on. Hanabusa is using this “legacy” to fuel her campaign. The governor did the right thing by not allowing the office appointment to be dictated to him, even by someone so respected and loved.

Let Hanabusa run on her own merits, not on some misguided myth that she is somehow entitled to the office. I think her campaign is very self-serving and is about ambition, not what is best for Hawaii. She should have stayed where her seniority was and truly worked for the people through the office she held quite effectively. There is no collecting on a promise made by a former officeholder. It doesn’t work that way and I hope it never does.

Cris South