HC&S appears committed to profits at all cost

On June 25, The Maui News reported that Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. may be facing stiff fines for pollution violations created by improper stack emissions at the Puunene Mill.

Hats off to the state Clean Air Branch for stepping up to help maintain the quality of our air. Hats off to Maui Tomorrow for bringing to light the 10-year delay of installation of sensors on Boiler 3; this delay serves to hide more pollution.

And now, congratulations to HC&S’ general manager for admitting that operating a 145-year-old plant is “challenging” and “complex,” to use his words. He also went on to imply the fines could affect jobs. He is admitting the company cannot operate in the 21st century with last century’s mill.

So, what we have here is HC&S thinks it deserves a pass on pollution because it’s hard to comply. This is a clear indication of its commitment to profits at all cost.

Jackie Rodgers