Ineptitude of elected officials on broad display

It is quite interesting that in less than a month, the Environmental Protection Agency has cited Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. for clean air violations, Maui County has been told by a federal court that its injection wells are in violation of the Clean Water Act, and for the first time ever, a citizens initiative has successfully obtained the necessary signatures to put it before the County Council, and to perhaps have it voted on by Maui County residents. What do all of these have in common?

They all deal with the ineptitude and lack of conscientiousness of our elected officials. How so? one may ask. In each case, thousands of members of our community have submitted testimony, appeared before the council, at a community hearing, at a board or commission of the county or a hearing held by the council, begging, pleading, cajoling and requesting that something be done about these and other issues, including lack of sufficient water, either in quality or quantity in Upcountry communities and/or streams and creeks of East and West Maui.

Yet every two years, voters get hoodwinked by fancy fliers, ads on radio, TV, postal mailings and now the Internet, saying that this or that candidate will do everything they can to support the environment. Then what is the result?

Perhaps in August and in November, the tide has changed, the time has finally arrived. Sustainability, the environment and fragile ecology of Maui County will win out at the polls. We shall see.