Learn about issues, candidates at KCA meeting

Throughout the year, this page contains numerous proclamations of what is wrong with our government and/or specific elected officials. As our roadways become littered with more (and larger) campaign signs, both stationary and waving in supporters’ hands – which promotes distracted driving – the volume and level of these letters seems to exponentially grow.

Are you a registered voter? Intend to vote in the Aug. 9 primary? Voting in every race available to your selected political party?

If you answered no, skip to the next letter; but if affirmative, how do you select whom to elect? The one with the most sign wavers? The more familiar name(s)? By race or skin color? By endorsement of some group or organization? Or are you going to closely examine what they say and do, examine incumbents’ (and returnees’) records, their qualifications, education and ask questions of topics of your concern?

While we are limited by our circumstances and can’t examine all races, the Kihei Community Association will continue with three offices of much concern – Senate District 6, House District 11 and the council’s South Maui residency seat. We began in June with the three incumbents. On July 15, we will hear from the challengers.

It’s the usual time and place, Kihei Charter Middle School, 41 E. Lipoa St., starting at 6:30 p.m. Get there early for a snack and some one-on-one with the new guys at 6 p.m.

For more information, see www.gokihei.org or call (508) 499-9996.

Mike Moran


Kihei Community Association