Maui, don’t be railroaded into a GMO moratorium

Listen up, citizens of Maui County. We, along with our fellows throughout Hawaii, sat idly by and allowed a few environmentalists and self-appointed arbiters of the public good to run the Superferry out of Hawaii. We may never have another opportunity for interisland ferry service again because of their actions. Don’t let it happen again.

They are railroading a moratorium on genetically modified organism use in Maui County that is unsupported by any comprehensive science and the effect of what they are doing may turn our economy upside down. The Maui News (July 1) reported that passage by the County Council or voter approval of the referendum mandated by petition will cost approximately 540 jobs currently held by your friends, neighbors and relatives and reduce county income by $3.5 million in taxes, a loss that will come out of your pocket sooner or later.

And, none of the above reflects how it will hurt our agriculture businesses. It’s on you, voters. What are you going to do?

Al Rabold