Maui not as safe as jogger thought it would be

At 6:30 a.m. July 14, while jogging south on Kenolio Road at Kuilima Place, a driver of an older white pickup truck attempted to hit me. I always jog facing traffic in case a driver doesn’t see me. This driver saw me and aimed his truck to hit me. I jumped out of the way as the cowards laughed and screamed an obscenity as they sped off. No, I didn’t get the license. I just wanted to warn other joggers. Jog defensively.

I grew up in Chicago, a dangerous place. I spent 23 years in the Marines and I was wounded numerous times – also a dangerous place. I met and married my wife of 33 years here in Hawaii. I thought Maui would be a safe place to retire . . . wrong!

Gerald Alm