Monsanto making positive impact on the world

I work for one of the best companies in Hawaii and the world, Monsanto. I am deeply concerned about some of the false propaganda that has been put out there by certain groups. They talk about pesticide use and genetically modified organisms and how Monsanto is destroying the aina and the keiki. That is so far from the truth it is ridiculous.

I am Hawaiian and care very much about our islands. My family and I malama the land and care for all our keiki.

I have a pesticide license and have followed the rules and regulations set upon me from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency.

I encourage all Hawaii residents to educate themselves with truth and science, not hearsay and emotions.

Worldwide studies by our scientific communities have found no adverse affects from GMO products after 3 trillion meals have been consumed.

Let’s leave the regulations set by our state and federal agencies to be the law. These agencies consist of well-educated individuals that base their decisions on factual information gathered by many studies, with the work to back them up.

Monsanto is making a positive impact to help feed the world population today and into the future.

C. Brian Ferreira