Most of bad information about GMOs is not true

GMO, here we go. The debate rages on and I don’t get it.

On one hand, we have big business and nonprofits trying to improve our food. We now use less water, pesticides and herbicides to grow food with longer shelf life. This is good for all of us.

On the other hand, we have a loud group of people that are understandably afraid of the unknown consequences of all this high-tech stuff. Their fear-based thinking may get them more of what we do not want – more pesticides used on our food and in our environment.

By banning genetically modified organisms we will all lose out. When hearing all the bad info about GMOs, check the data and you will find that most of it is not true.

When Chicken Little ran around yelling “The sky is falling,” she got a lot of attention and the fear multiplied.

Let’s look at the facts and not just react.


Tom James