On the contrary, multiple ways to reach candidate

One of the realities of the letters to the editor section of The Maui News is that, within a very small parameter, people can write whatever they want; it is their opinion. It does not have to be true as long as it does not rise to the level of slander.

On July 8, a letter writer claimed that he spent “a lot of time searching for contact information” for various political candidates. One of the candidates he listed was Nikhilananda.

I’m not sure exactly where the letter writer was searching, but if you open up any of the three telephone books on Maui you will find Nikhilananda listed in all of them. And you can still call information for our local telephone company and – guess what – Nikhilananda is listed.

On the Internet, a brief search on Facebook will find the page for Nikhilananda, with his contact information, including both of his telephone numbers and his campaign website, which also has all of his contact information.

Then there is the official Hawaii Office of Elections website, hawaii.gov/elections/candidates, with every candidate’s contact information, including Nikhilananda’s.

We are fortunate that, in the primary next month, and hopefully in the election in November, registered voters will get a chance to vote for Nikhilananda for the East Maui seat on the Maui County Council. Give him a call.

Shaun Stenshol