Pets that are left to survive on their own don’t

The cute picture in The Maui News (June 27) of a feral cat walking jauntily through the park was a misrepresentation of the plight of feral cats.

In my neck of the woods of Kanaio, the stray cats are sickly, mangy and starving. They are torn apart by unleashed dogs. I have called the Humane Society several times but it does not come out to deal with feral cats and is unable to get people to leash their dogs.

People dump unwanted pets out here. We get everything from chickens to old horses.

The open range is a hard and cruel place where animals can suffer from lack of water, food and care. They get hit by cars from people speeding to and from Hana. Recently a horse was killed by a car.

Domesticated animals left to survive on their own don’t.

Linda Lembeck