Pro-GMO studies are manipulated

The Chicago Tribune reported “The American Medical Association’s recently revised policy calls for mandatory pre-market safety testing of genetically engineered foods. Currently, bio-tech companies are only ‘encouraged’ to engage in a ‘voluntary safety consultation’ with the FDA before releasing a product on the market.” Google “Chicago Tribune AMA GMO.”

The section of the FDA that wrote this rule and is responsible for approvals is run by Monsanto’s former lead attorney and vice president. Google “Monsanto Michael Taylor.”

The SHAKA Movement GMO moratorium is asking for the same safety precautions and studies as the American Medical Association.

Consumers Union’s chief scientist stated: “The FDA does not require pre-market safety assessment of genetically engineered foods.” His concerns were introducing new food allergies and lowering nutritional levels. Google “soy allergy increase.”

This doesn’t even address the horrendous amount of toxic pesticides necessary to grow GMO crops.

So what about that large stack of scientific studies that Monsanto delivered to our mayor with maximized fanfare and publicity? They were all directed, manipulated or influenced by Monsanto.

That was really a large stack of crap. It was a publicity stunt designed to mislead gullible people and politicians that Monsanto knows don’t have time or understanding to scrutinize them.

That’s why the AMA is asking for honest peer-reviewed studies.

Do you believe the American Medical Association, the highly respected Consumers Union and our local state health official, or Monsanto’s lobbyists interested in maximizing profits?

Please support the SHAKA Movement moratorium.

Hank Kline