Real danger is not the plant but the lies about it

While walking on a recent morning, I realized that the police and others are not really afraid of the THC in pakalolo. They are afraid of people learning that maybe pakalolo is harmless. When one learns from personal experience the relatively harmless nature of marijuana, one learns that he can take it or leave it.

The real danger of pakalolo is the idea, not the plant. This danger is found in people beginning to suspect that everything the mainstream media – parents, schools, organized religion, medical doctors, prescription drugs, vaccines, science, Al Gore, newspapers, TV, radio, politicians – has told us may be totally false.

To suddenly discover that the authorities have been lying to us since childhood about a stupid plant might mean that one begins to question authority.

This discovery is what really scares the police and others. It has never been the plant that scares them, it has always been the fact that their authority is based on ignorance. If one ever did smoke pakalolo, he might begin to realize he has been lied to his whole life by the police, politicians, churches, schools and others.

The true authority lies within you. Look there.

Act from love, not fear. Just be normal.

Your freedom is within you. Look there.

Steven Blue