Remove dogs if they can’t pass sociability test

Read about dumping pets around Kanaio and how they do not fare well (Letters, July 4) as people allow their dogs to run free to tear apart feral cats and how the Humane Society can’t get people to use leashes.

Dogs that kill animals can do it to people and keiki. I knew of a Great Dane who was left in the yard with a snoozing baby for less than five minutes and when the owner came back the dog was throwing the dead baby up in the air and catching it.

Dogs should pass a test to see if they are sociable to cats and keiki. If they fail they should be removed.

I owned a Newfoundland and had to belong to the Newfoundland Society to own one. The society does not want them aggressive. While playing, he grabbed my forearm in his mouth and my hand immediately went limp. We were standing looking eye to eye and I told him, “No,” and he never did it again.

Once he came barking at my glass door and running away until I followed him. He had my daughter’s boyfriend in his doghouse and ran back and forth to make sure he stayed there. The boyfriend told me Smokey grabbed him by the forearm and led him all around and decided to put him in his house without hurting him.

He would bite river rocks in two and could easily break forearms, but he was socialized as all dogs should be.

Bill Dake