Roadside sign wavers can pose risk to motorists

After reading the July 2 letter “Sign-waving candidate feels aloha from motorists,” I’d like to present the following thoughts.

Primarily, I support any candidate who wishes to serve the community with an honest desire to do so. If sign waving is a necessary way to get to help get their name and face out there, so be it. However, there is another side to that action. Remember, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction as there are consequences, good and bad, for everything.

Recently, I had to quickly drive off the road to avoid being rear-ended by an enthusiastic supporter who took their eyes off the road to honk and wave to a well-intentioned sign-waving group on the side of the road. Had I been rear-ended, who would be charged with causing the accident? The driver who hit me or the sign-waving group who distracted the driver? Certainly sign waving would not be worth someone’s injury or life.

This may not be a new issue but, again, there are consequences for everything we do no matter how well-intentioned it may be. Perhaps more consideration should be given to benefits versus cost before we act.

Roy Ayala