Sign-waving candidate feels aloha from motorists

Thank you to the kind and gracious people who drive on Maui.

As an independent candidate for mayor, I’ve been sign waving with a team of seven workers. We feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the nice responses we get while standing on the side of the road as passengers wave to us or drivers honk their horns.

One afternoon, during a two-and-a-half-hour period, we counted a record of 103 honks. We jumped for joy each time a driver pushed the horn, and our chief cheerleader shouted, “Aloha” more jubilantly. Not once did we get anything but encouraging cordial responses regardless of how voters may end up casting their ballots.

I love the aloha spirit and feel lucky to live on Maui.

I hope to make Maui even better by creating Mauitopia (see and making county government more efficient, more responsive and faster. Striving altogether we can believe, receive and achieve a real paradise Maui, truly no ka oi.

As a former Silicon Valley executive who is new to politics, I thank you for your vote on Aug. 9. Mahalo for voting for a real change. Mahalo for expecting miracles.

Ori Kopelman