Some of the testimony against GMOs defied reality

I sat through the last two Maui County Council meetings pertaining to the ordinance to ban the cultivation of genetically engineered crops. I was absolutely stunned by a testifier who talked about corn silk growing in someone’s throat and another who said that Maui has a 400 percent increase in newborns having their intestines growing out of their stomach.

Let’s get real here. The only way your body could sprout any sort of plant part is if you lay on your back with your mouth open for days and not swallow for about four days, to allow the plant to grow. And as far as the statements about babies, if there were so many malformed babies it would be considered an epidemic and everyone would know.

I can understand when someone truly believes in something he should stand up for it. And it is quite obvious that the SHAKA Movement members are very passionate about their beliefs. However, they are completely ignoring the scientific facts that attest to the safety of Monsanto’s products and farming practices. Much of society’s progress is due to improvements from science. Technology enables our lives as human beings to continually get better.

I am a local, working at Monsanto to grow corn, not to destroy the land. If I thought Monsanto could possibly be desecrating the land, I truly would not be working here.

Maui is my family home for many generations and this is where my kids and future generations will continue to live.

Kurt Adams