Speaker throws bone to tea partyers with lawsuit

In yet another childish tactic of congressional Republicans, Speaker John Boehner threw a bone to his tea partyers slobbering to impeach Barack Obama for Obamacare. He promised to sue the president for acting to ensure the success of the health-reform act passed by the same Congress by majority vote a few years earlier.

Washington insiders know that with or without the suit, an impeachment effort will be promoted because Obama made health reform successful and popular, despite all the efforts to repeal it, block it, snag it and underfund it. So many millions tried it and liked it, its blockage became a failed vote-getter.

In the upcoming brouhaha, many impeachment claims will be made, but my book “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” published in 1978 by W.W. Norton, laid out in detail the considerations and events of the nation’s only justifiable impeachment effort (the other two were political lynchings). Included in the book is a lengthy consideration of what does and does not constitute an impeachable offense, according to the founding fathers.

I suggest you read it (available online for a dollar or two, no royalties for me, or at your local library or used-book store). The House Judiciary Committee cast its votes for impeachment, which led to Richard Nixon’s resignation, near the end of this month in 1974.

Howard Fields