Testimony from the kanaka maoli are inspiring

On Akaku, I have been listening to the testimonies of the kanaka maoli from all the islands. They are confronting the Department of Interior’s representatives’ questions of what type of government they want with the U.S. and what kind of status they prefer.

It was an opinion poll, basically, and I do not think they were prepared for the resounding thunder that ensued.

I encourage everyone to witness these testimonies. And I hope Akaku continues to run them for people who had no idea this was happening. Awesome is the only word to describe my emotions in hearing these kanaka voices.

Several times I was just moved to tears, unexpected tears. They were tears of rejoicing at the noble spirits of the people, their intelligence, the sanity of knowing truly who they are. But, most of all, I was moved by the passion of one people unified in righteousness, sharing their intention to demand their nation be restored to them.

How powerful. It would be wonderful if these testimonies were read and recorded in Washington by the State Department.

I do believe now is the beginning of the kanaka to establish their own government in the kingdom of Hawaii. I, for one, wish them fair winds.

Barbara Collins