Unsupervised children could pose a safety risk

Is a Kahului big-box store a safe place for children or people trying to shop? A recent experience there makes me wonder.

I was using the restaurant when I noticed three small children running wildly and noisily around, unsupervised. I eventually realized that their mother had left them with a couple of elders to go buy things.

The kupuna looked as if they were on their last legs, and should have been in a rest home. When I asked them if they couldn’t control the kids, all I got was a shrug from the old man.

I went to the customer service desk, and they called a manager to help me. When I described the situation, her response was: “I can’t tell people what to do with their children.” Translation: Maybe they wouldn’t come back to shop.

Many public places have signs saying: “Do Not Leave Your Children Unattended.” I could find none there.

Is the store safe? I wonder.

Dave Slocum